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Commenting on the publication of the 'Recorded Crime in Scotland: Attempted Murder and Serious Assault 2008-09 and 2017-18' figures, Niven Rennie, Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit said: "As a country Scotland has worked together to tackle not just the symptoms but the causes of violence. This long-term approach has delivered real and sustained improvements with, as this report shows, a large fall in the number of young people involved in serious violence. However while we have seen things getting better across the country not everywhere and every person has benefited equally. Scotland has shown that violence is preventable so we know that change is possible. We must focus relentlessly on the causes of violence. This report highlights yet again the role that alcohol plays in violence. Scotland has a drink problem and we need to get to the root of that toxic relationship if we want to make our country a safer and healthier place to live for all."

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