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Commenting on the Scottish Government's Homicide in Scotland 2016-17 figures, which show a 47% reduction in homicides over the last decade, Will Linden acting Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit said:

"Over the last decade Scotland has seen a massive decrease in violence. There are fewer young people getting involved in gangs and carrying knives. Young people are also making better choices around alcohol and drugs than the generation before them. In the last four years we have seen the number of people murdered in Scotland stabilise around 60, nearly half the figure of a decade ago. Why have we seen this reduction? There was no single solution, it was everyone working together to tackle the disease of violence that was infecting Scotland. 

"But every homicide is one too many and if we want to save lives and reduce the levels of violence further we must redouble our efforts. Scotland must face up to its toxic relationship with alcohol,  we must challenge social and gender inequalities while continuing to confront knife culture amongst not just those in their teens but those in their twenties and older. We will only achieve this by continuing to work together.  

"The figures may guide us but they will not resolve the challenges that we face. Behind every statistic is a person. Behind every statistic is grief and trauma. Early years prevention work is key, lets break the cycle of violence before more lives are ruined."

The Homicide in Scotland 2016-17 figures can be found here

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