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Commenting on the Scottish Government's Homicide in Scotland 2017-18 figures, Niven Rennie Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit said:

“Scotland has come a long way from the days when it was branded the most violent country in the developed world. Communities across the country have worked together to help create a safer Scotland. From dedicated teachers and social workers to police officers, the third sector and medics, everyone has played a part. They have shown violence is neither inevitable nor acceptable. 

"However tragically too many lives are still being needlessly lost. We must relentlessly focus on the causes of violence from Scotland's toxic relationship with alcohol, to social and gender inequalities.The evidence shows the earlier we start the better the outcomes, so its crucial we ensure every child grows up in a country where they are safe and supported. Working together we can break the cycle of violence and make Scotland the safest country in the world."


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