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Homicide in Scotland 2018-19

Commenting on the publication of the Homicide in Scotland 2018-19 figures, Niven Rennie, Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit said: Scotland has come far from the days it was branded the most violent country in the developed world, and whilst the report shows that the number of homicide cases has fallen by over a quarter in the past decade and remained relatively stable in recent years, there is still a lot more work needing to be done. Whilst steady progress has been made, violence sadly remains a problem for our country and too many lives are still being unnecessarily lost. Whilst things are better across Scotland so we know that change is possible, not everywhere, and so not every person has benefited equally which is why we’ve been working with partners to launch our Navigator programme in Dundee and Paisley as well as piloting new projects. It's imperative that we focus on areas with high levels of drug and alcohol abuse to tackle the wider social issues and inequalities to deliver real and sustainable improvements. Our police officers, civilian police staff and people with lived experience will continue to work with the dedicated teachers, social workers and medical staff to tackle not just the symptoms, but the causes of violence so that every child and adult in Scotland feels both safe and supported. Our approach has shown that the earlier we start, and that by working together, we can break the cycle of violence to make Scotland a safe and healthy place for everyone who lives here.

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