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Moiras' Run

An event in memory of a murdered Glasgow woman has attracted victims of violence from all over the country.

Moira’s Run was set-up in memory of Moira Jones who was raped and murdered in Queen’s Park in 2008.

The event was arranged by Moira’s mum Bea to celebrate the life of her daughter and to help women reclaim the park so they feel safe in the area.

However as well as attracting local people keen to remember Moira’s life, Bea was surprised to find last years event reached out to people right across the UK who have also been the victims of violence.

Bea said: “I was amazed that as I was thanking runners for being there so many of them wanted to thank me instead. One runner told me that she too had lost a loved one to murder and had been given amazing help from an organisation similar to ours she was so pleased to run so that others could be helped too and she’d brought friends to support and run with her.

“Another young mum had lost her partner through violence too, and was taking part in a run for the first time. This was a very big positive deal for her. She was quite emotional, so pleased that she had done it and had a medal to show for it.”

After last year’s success Bea and her family decided to hold the race again on Sunday October 25th at Queen’s Park, and would like anyone who has been affected by violence to join them and find support from others who are also living with the aftermath of violence. 

However Moira’s Run is also about reclaiming the area for the local community to feel safe.

Crime in Scotland is currently at a 41 year low, however according to Scottish Government figures sexual crime rose in 2014-15 by 11 percent highlighting there is still much more work to be done.

Starting the second Moira’s Run on Sunday, will be one of Scotland’s best loved entertainers Elaine C Smith, who has been a patron of The Moira Fund since it was set up in 2009 to help families bereaved through murder or manslaughter.

Bea said: “We are so grateful to Elaine, everyone knows how very talented she is and to me she is just a very special person, always supportive and very sensitive to the feelings of those around her. She will start the race in her own wonderful way, making sure that everyone has a big smile on their face.”

Bea added: “I still have many dark days, but this is something to really look forward to – I certainly hope that all who ran last year will be there again, that they may even persuade others to run with them because to feel the warmth and support of all those people was just wonderful, so very special for us and of course their support for our charity means we can go on helping other desperate families too, in the name of our beloved Moira.”

Late entries are welcome just turn up this Sunday 25th October at Queen’s Park and register from 9am. There will be a warm-up at 10.15am and the achievable 5k run starts at 10.30am. Entry costs £12.50 with money raised going to Moira’s Fund. All those over the age of 14 can take part.

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