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Commenting on the release of Recorded Crime in Scotland 2017-18 statistics, Niven Rennie the director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit said: "You can never be complacent about violence or allow it fo find a safe place to thrive. Whether it is in our schools, our workplaces or our communities we must target violence in all its forms. The SVRU aims to disrupt the cycle of violence through programmes like Navigator which works in hospital A&E departments to guide people away from chaotic lifestyles. While in schools the education programme MVP is creating a generation of informed young people who understand the consequences of violence. However we must continue to innovate as violence is constantly evolving. These figures are a reminder that while Scotland has come a long way in reducting violence there is still much work to do. The SVRU will continue to work side-by-side with everyone from teachers and social workers to doctors and community leaders to help create a safe Scotland for all."

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