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Street & Arrow Graduate

After successfully completing a year with Street & Arrow we are delighted William will graduate in February. He’s been a hard working and reliable member of the team who we’re going to really miss, but he’s ready for new challenges and you could be the lucky person to employ him. 

What have you learned working at Street & Arrow:

I’ve learned a lot, it’s not just about flipping burgers there’s a lot to it from stocktaking and working on the till to engaging with customers and learning to cook all kinds of different food. You’re up everyday at 6.30am, but I’ve really enjoyed being in a routine. 

Do you feel a sense of achievement:

One hundred percent! I’m a different guy now, I’m not the same person as I was before I started here. My son was born in March and it’s made me see everything in a different light.

Why should an employer hire you:

I’m a good timekeeper and I have a great work ethic. I can take direction and work in a team, but I can use my initiative and work by myself as well. Street & Arrow took a chance on everyone of us in this programme and I’ve proved to myself I can do it, I’ve passed every test and not failed at anything. If people are willing to give me a chance I’ll prove myself to them. 

What work have you done previously:

I’ve worked in everything from landscaping and scaffolding to cleaning and catering. I’ve also successfully completed training programmes with Tigers, Gladiator and Right Track. 

Where would you like to work:

It would be great if I could find employment in the Glasgow area if possible, I’m happy to travel if I need to. 

What work are you looking for:

I’d be really happy to be considered for labouring, warehouse work, landscaping or the catering industry. I’ve got experience and skills in all these areas and I know I enjoy this kind of work. 

What Iain Murray (the boss) says: “William has a strong work ethic and a keen attention to detail. His energy, focus and commitment to delivering top quality service has been really impressive. William is an attentive listener, works very well in both a team setting and on his own without supervision. He is reliable, caring and trustworthy. I am so impressed with this young man’s ability to learn, connect and be industrious. He has proven during his time with S&A that he's a real asset and someone who will make a model employee for whoever is fortunate enough to hire him.”

If you have a suitable opportunity for William please email or call 07918706545.



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