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Commenting on the announcment that a Violence Reduction Unit is to be created in London, Niven Rennie, director of the SVRU, said: "The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit was set-up in 2005 with the instruction to try something different. The SVRU started by treating violence as a disease which was infecting our communities. From teachers and social workers, to doctors and dentists, police and government we have all worked together to make Scotland safer. The job isn't done and every single life lost is a tragedy, but we have come a long way from the days when the World Health Organisation branded Scotland the most violent country in the developed world. Scotland has shown that change is possible and we believe London can do the same. We have been happy to support London in the development of a Violence Reduction Unit and will continue to offer our help and support whenever it is requested. Start with the belief that violence is preventable and anything is possible."

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