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ASC (Ask Support Care) is a training programme which aims to give everyone from vets and hairdressers to firefighters the skills to reach out to those who have become victims of domestic abuse and offer help and support.

Domestic abuse affects one in five women in their lifespan and many men too. Those affected are our patients, our clients, our colleagues and our friends. However, while we may suspect someone has become a victim of abuse we may not know how best to broach the subject with them and so say nothing. ASC provides training on domestic abuse to those working in fields where they may encounter those who have been affected, allowing them to reach out and offer support and help. The evidence shows if a trusted professional raises the issue it may encourage those experiencing abuse to take action. The main reason people don't offer help is that they don't know where to start. We can help with that. As well as providing training for all health professionals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and optometrists we also offer session to vets, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, hairdressers and anyone else in a position to reach out to those in need. If your organisation works with the public you may also be in a position to help those experiencing domestic abuse and if you are willing to train others in your place of work this course may be for you. You do not need prior training or experience of working with domestic abuse to become an ASC trainer. Our training day incorporates elements of bystander training as well as training on a tried and tested method of encouraging professionals to raise the issue with those they work with, AVDR. We will provide you with enough knowledge through lectures, group work sessions and role play to allow you to roll out this training in your workplace or to other colleagues in your profession. We will also provide all the materials and ongoing support that you might need if you choose to become a trainer. We aim to increase your awareness and understanding of domestic abuse and to help you to realise the valuable role many professionals in health and beyond can play in supporting those experiencing abuse just by following a few simple steps. ASC is a Medics Against Violence and VRU partnership programme supported by the Scottish Government.