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Medics Against Violence

Medics against Violence (MAV) were set up in 2008 by 3 surgeons who dealt every day with the awful consequences of violence. They wanted to prevent young people in particular being killed or becoming the victims of serious life changing injuries. The charity aims to prevent violence through education and now run an award winning secondary school programme. MAV volunteers, who are all NHS professionals, work with local schools going into classrooms and speaking directly to children about how to avoid violent situations and stay safe. To date MAV have reached over 150,000 young people. Incidents of youth crime have declined but unfortunately Scotland’s young people are still being affected by violence, so MAV are working hard to change attitudes and keep Scots safe. MAV also run the ASC domestic abuse programme which targets the likes of vets, hairdressers, dentists and the fire service. Often these are the professions who are in a position to spot the signs of abuse and offer a positive intervention. Find out more about MAV here: