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Mentors in Violence Prevention

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) model is a tool to help tackle rape, dating violence, sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of violent and abusive behaviour. MVP aims to give both men and women the skills to safely intervene and prevent violence.

"It encourages you to not be silent, to not be a bystander. When you see a sitution it makes you look at what you can actually do, I could maybe help." MVP student mentor

After being successfully introduced in America the VRU brought the scheme to Scotland where it is currently operating in more than 50 schools, reaching around 50,000 pupils.

"Many more pupils are willing to stand up against gender violence and all types of socially unacceptable behaviours, when in the past more often than not pupils did not want to be seen as a grass." Depute Head

A number of Scottish universities have also recently adopted the programme. Easily adaptable from education to the workplace MVP is currently being used across Scotland’s night time economy with pubs and clubs embracing the scheme as a way to help keep customers safe.  

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